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Artificial Stone

Artificial Stone

Trade Info
Trademark: JINGNIU
Packing: Wood
Additional Info.
Product Description

Recently a decorative material--chodopak invented in Europe is widely used to undergrounds and aerodromes in Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou with a strong demand. Furthermore along with construction climax of Beijing olympics, the demand is even greater. Seizing this opportunity, jingniu regard it as a key project to research and develop. With several months' effort, in June 2003 saw the birth of the first piece of jingniu jade which filled the gap in China.

The unique requirements of environmental friendly, return to nature and brightness have been met since the birth of jingniu jade. It is a rare product and brings fresh style to house decoration and can be widely used to inner or outer decoration of hotel, buildings, aerodromes, undergrounds, hospitals, banks and villas.

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